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Fun & Learning & Learning & Fun

Learning can be fun. The mind may be expanded - at all ages - through creative and interactive immersion.
Following are examples of work for scholastic initiatives, stimulating diversions and just plain toys that educate, stimulate and entertain

PNW/BOCES Education for Sustainability

Education for Sustainability is a comprehensive K-12 curriculum developed for the Putnam/Northern Westchester Board of
Cooperative Educational Services. It guides teachers and students through a rich array of course material promoting awareness
and understanding of the complex issues we all face regarding the sustainability of our lives and lifestyles on a global scale.

The navigable masthead for the secure site is illustrated by images that merge grade level and curriculum
to bring the subject matter to life, engaging teachers and students alike.

Grade 5
Grades 9-12: Art
Grades 9-12: Living Environment
KENKEN Puzzles

KENKEN is a math-based puzzle developed by a high school math teacher in Japan.
Unlike other grid-based math puzzles such as Sudoku, KENKEN requires the ability to think critically
and calculate accurately using a full range of math operations.

The assignment was to develop a "visual name-onic" that would remind people of all ages
that KENKEN stimulates thought and provides enjoyment. The "THINKK" name-onic was the result.

Below are instances of the "THINKK" acronym used for a banner, an ad and a poster.

THINKK Inside the Box

Kawasaki Music

The print assignment was to celebrate kids and their highly charged affinity for musical creativity...especially with friends.

Instant Music
Your Idea

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