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Business To Consumer Cause Relationship Marketing

Below are examples of corporate/cause programs on behalf of the ASPCA, Procter & Gamble, and Pfizer Animal Health. All were created in partnership with the Institute for Nonprofit Excellence, a firm dedicated to creating value from the powerful relationships that can be forged between corporations, consumers, and causes.

The First ASPCA Central Park Dog Walk

The ASPCA, acting in partnership with the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, as well as other municipal government agencies and sponsors, organized an event known as the Central Park Dog Walk. This event created awareness and raised funds to advance the cause of Spay/Neuter to control population growth and to promote the cause of making NYC a "No-Kill Zone", effectively ending the euthanizing of adoptable pets.

Energy Dog

Below are the master "energy dog" icon, and a vocabulary of activity graphics derived from it shown used in electronic tagging, exercise and watering station banners. Wearables were designed, while the graphics appeared in all media.

Energy Dog
Agility Course Banner
Canine Watering Station Banner
Microchip Watering Station Banner
ASPCAdog walk tee shirt

Housekeeping Regimen For Newly Adopted Pets

Sadly, a large number of newly adopted shelter pets are returned due to adopter's lack of knowledge regarding cleaning and odors. Febreze and Swiffer equip adopters with a simple daily regimen to ensure their new friend will indeed be a breath of fresh air.

AM & PM - Swiffer & Febreeze1
AM & PM - Swiffer & Febreeze - Uses

Heartworm & Flea Treatment By The Numbers

The statistics don't lie. Newly adopted dogs and cats and those still in Shelters can benefit measurably by being treated with Pfizer Revolution.

Doggy Math - Heartworm & Flea Remedy
Kitty Math - Heartworm & Flea Remedy

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