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Specialized Veterinary Care

The engagement with BrightHeart Veterinary Centers focused on the task of establishing a well supported brand identity at every touchpoint supported by a suite of branded communications that could be scaled and expanded with the growth of the network. Each new member hospital presented a unique opportunity to meld a strong legacy brand with the overarching network brand.

BrightHeart ad 1BrightHeart ad 2

Magazine advertising for Katonah Bedford Veterinary Center typified the approach for all network hospitals.

BrightHeart OncologyBrightHeart Oncology 2

Direct mail campaign for SouthPaws Veterinary Specialists hospital's oncology practice.

BrightHeart Rehab 1BrightHeart rehab 2

Brochure for Western Veterinary Specialists (Calgary, Canada) Rehabilitation programs

BrightHeart Corp site BrightHeart AVAH

A combination of legacy branding and an evolving corporate brand scheme meshed to form a flexible web site system.

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